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Polaroid Multimedia Campaign

This video is a final presentation for an Advertising Management class. Working with one other person, we developed an entire ad campaign for Polaroid One-Step Instant Cameras which includes print, radio, billboard, brochure, and this television commercial.

Situation Analysis

Paper and PowerPoint outlining internal and external market situations prior to a media campaign launch

Polaroid One Step Camera Black_3.jpg
Creative Brief

PowerPoint summarizing creative intensions of a media campaign

Digital Marketing

Paper and PowerPoint outling proposed digital marketing campaign with examples

Stack of Newspapers
Print Advertising Examples

PowerPoint of display ads for use in magazines and newspapers

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The PowerPoints will automatically download.
Sound Equipment
Radio and TV Commercial Scripts

PowerPoint, Radio,

and TV scripts for the media presentations

Working with Coffee
Direct Mail

PowerPoint of a proposed direct mail campaign

Work Desk
Final Presentation Paper

Final Proposal document for a Polaroid Multi-Media Campaign

Oil of Olay
Social Media Campaign

Oil of Olay was the subject of a Social Media campaign proposal designed to be used on Facebook during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was well-received by the BSU instructor, as seen in her final critique

Regenerist jar.png
Marketing Proposal 

A written proposal for an Oil of Olay social media marketing campaign


PowerPoint presentation showing proposed social marketing campaign

Hands Typing
Professor  Comments

Instructor's comments about the campaign and goal achievement

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