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Communication Examples

Each is a project completed for various classes during the past year. These show the skills acquired including samples of writing, graphics, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and a Pinterest campaign proposal. The Polaroid Campaign is a group project with one other person. Please click on the embedded links for more information.

The portrayal of Native Americans in Media

A research paper describing how modern media treats Native Americans when covering news and in research

Native American Girl.jpg

Sune's IGA Market

Public Relations Plan

A proposed public relations plan for a small grocery store. This project was to illustrate how to handle a small client in a tough market

Cover - Sune's PR Plan.jpg

They Shall Not Grow Old

Film critique of  Peter Jackson's movie showing colorized films of WWII people and soldiers


Proposed Pinterest Project

Letter to manager outlining a proposed company party using Pinterest boards to illustrate the concept

Tropical Party

Arts Benefit Fire and Rescue

Article covering a local benefit for fire and rescue teams. Exercise in real reporting

Blown Glass Centerpiece

Wampanoag Social Justice 

PowerPoint and Infographic depicting the social justice issue of Wampanoag Mashpee Indian Tribal land disestablishment

Man Waving American Flag


Polaroid Multimedia Campaign

This video is a final presentation for an Advertising Management class. Another student and I developed an entire ad campaign for Polaroid One-Step Instant Cameras which includes print, radio, billboard, brochure, and this television commercial.

Click on the links to view the documents. PowerPoints will automatically download.
Situation Analysis

Paper and PowerPoint outlining market situations prior to a media campaign

Polaroid One Step Camera Black_3.jpg
Creative Brief

PowerPoint summarizing creative intentions of a media campaign

Digital Marketing

PowerPoint of a digital marketing campaign

Stack of Newspapers
Print Advertising

PowerPoint of magazine and newspaper display ads

Sound Equipment
Radio and TV Scripts

Radio, and TV scripts for the PowerPoint Media presentation

Working with Coffee
Direct Mail, etc.

PowerPoint of a proposed direct mail campaign

Work Desk
Final Proposal

Polaroid Multi-Media Campaign Final Proposal document

Oil of Olay Social Media Campaign

Oil of Olay was the subject of a Social Media campaign proposal designed to be used on Facebook during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As shown in the BSU instructor's final critique, it was well-received.

Regenerist jar.png
Oil of Olay Social Media Marketing Proposal Paper

A written proposal for an Oil of Olay social media marketing campaign

Oil of Olay PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentation showing a proposed social marketing campaign

Hands Typing
Oil of Olay
Campaign Professor  Comments

Instructor's comments about the campaign and goal achievement

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