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Samples of Designs

The following are samples of graphic work done in various programs. They show graphic design, layout, and copywriting skills.

Ice Fishing Burbot First Ice

Magazine Layout 

This is a front-page,
an inside spread, and another page using two articles of my choice for a Media Design class.
The assignment teaches magazine layout in addition to interactive website magazine pages.

Magazine Assignment - MacGregor_Final2.j
Magazine Assignment - MacGregor_Final3.j
Magazine Assignment - MacGregor_Final4.j

The fish is Adobe PhotoShop manipulated to be quirky and gain interest in the article. This exercise is also intended to draw the attention of the target audience, which, in this case, is college students.

Grocery Store Flyer

This is a small, independent grocery store's four-page bi-weekly flyer. A time-tight piece, the flyer was re-designed each issue, adding images and text as dictated by a client-supplied Microsoft Excel worksheet. The project had a three-day design to distribution timeline. I was responsible for the design, obtaining then preparing images, and changing/updating all the related text. The salesperson and I handled this client for over a year, then continued after an ownership transfer.

Newspaper and Billboard Ads

These items are from a freelance Positive Community Norms campaign.  Newspaper ads ran in the area's local newspaper.  Posters were distributed in Little Falls, MN, and various other High Schools. They are accompanied by billboards that ran along the highway into and out of  Little Falls, MN for three months. The small logos and photos are the requirements of the client.

Little Falls Dog Binocular Poster_3.jpg

Positive Community Norms Campaign Posters

These are the posters for middle and high schools to promote positive community norms. The small logos and the images were provided by the client. 

CorelDraw was used to create all these items. Working with this small marketer in northern Minnesota, our goal was to attract pre-teen and teen attention. The campaign and the program run in various communities throughout the U.S.

Little Falls Girls Legs Poster.jpg
Park Rapids Poster, lizzard 2, 09-2013_2
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