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Eagle Watercolor.jpg


Originally I was a trained commercial artist, old school style with all handwork. I have the ability to copy other styles as well as create something entirely new in many different mediums.

"Uncle John"

The eagle is watercolor and colored pencil on cold pressboard.

Furniture grayscale illustration.jpg

"Furniture Ad"

The interior is ink and marker on
cold pressboard.


The bird is ink and colored pencil on tracing paper.

Jazzy Bird colored pencil, ink drawing.j
Rose Card DSC_0474.jpg

Greeting Cards

These are hobby samples. They are various greeting cards created using mixed media.

The card on the left is stamped cardstock, colored pencils, and silk ribbon on translucent green vellum paper overlay.

Black Irridescent Feather Card.jpg
Sympathy Feather Card DSC_0461.jpg

The last two sympathy cards are differing versions on card stock, with embossed feather stamps and clear plastic dots. The text is computer-composed and printed on textured vellum tinted paper.

Connor's Arrow2.jpg
Patrick's Arrow.jpg


 Cub Scout Arrows of Light 

Constructed out of obsidian or stone arrowheads, wooden dowels, trimmed turkey feathers, synthetic sinew, painted to correspond with each boy's achievements. They symbolize graduation from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Wearing my Native regalia, I personally presented them yearly for three years, 30 pieces in total.

Cub Scout Honor Feather.jpg

Honor Feather

Made of a goose feather, paint, leather, wrapped twine, beads, and a small stone. The Boy Scout emblem is painted with acrylic paints. This is was awarded to a retiring Den Leader.

Decorated Canoe Paddle

Canoe paddle decorated in a Native American design. Made from wood, acrylic paint with wood burned outlines.



"Secret Garden in Green"

This lap-sized quilt is a Secret Garden pattern, made during a mystery quilt class. We were given only small sections at a time until the final assembly revealed the pattern. Cotton fabric, batting, and thread.

"Mariner's Compas In Flannel"

The tan, blue, and maroon lap-sized quilt is a Mariner's Compass pattern done was a Quilt-as-you-go project. It's in flannel.

"Purple Snow Rider"

The blue and purple quilt challenge to use Minnesota themed quilt fabric in a creative way. It's a wall hanging showing a snowmobile rider in a purple setting. Cotton fabric, batten, fabric markers, and thread.

LaPointe Girls Table Runner Cut out.png

"Little Girls - Lucille and Helen LaPointe"

This is a table runner featuring a 1912 family photo of my Grandmother and her sister. I retouched the photo then transferred it onto the fabric before assembly and quilting.

Saloon Girl and Gambler Life Size cut ou
Saloon girl and Gambler drawing.jpg


"Saloon GIrl & Gambler"

This is a wooden cut-out for a gambling-themed high school prom.
The smaller picture is the original drawing and the larger one is the actual stand-up piece, made of plywood, screws, and acrylic paint. 

Circus Animals

These are a series of cardboard cut-outs about 6 ft. high. They were designed for a  Circus-themed Drummond Island Fall Festival. They're made from scrap cardboard, acrylic paint, and chalk.

Elephant Cardboard Cut Out.jpg
Monkey Cardboard Cut Out.jpg
Lion Cardboard Cut Out.jpg
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