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Photo Manipulation Examples

Here are samples of photo manipulation using two different programs, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Jeannine & Bonnie

This is a photo of my mother and aunt. I colored it but left it in a rustic style so the photo could be decoupaged onto a board for a rustic sign.

Jeanine_Bonnie Original Photo.jpg

Original Photo

Jeanine_Bonnie Colorized.jpg

Retouched and colorized

Lucille & Helen

This original photo was taken in 1912. It was printed then painted with watercolors.  CorelDraw was used to clean up the scanned image. It was only slightly color corrected to keep the ambiance of the original.

The corrected scan was used for a quilted photo table runner, shown in the art examples.

LaPointe Girls-1.JPG

Original Photo

LaPointe Girls-Web ready.jpg

Cleaned up & Retouched

Front Porch Gameboy Group photo.jpg

GameBoy Group

The photo of the three boys on the porch is taken by me and extensively altered in Adobe Photoshop. The program-provided filter is used to create a computer-generated watercolor image.

Original Photo

Front Porch Gameboy Group watercolor.JPG

Converted into watercolor through Adobe Photoshop

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